choosing the right rug

So much goes into selecting just the right rug. Here we do our best to help guide that decision to the perfect area rug.  The things to consider include, design, color, size, shape

Rugs are generally separated into three design categories;

Traditional: Traditional rugs are comprised of two sections: the border and the field.  The border is the main decorative design that surrounds the rug. Some rugs also have guard borders– narrow decorative designs adjacent to the main border. The field is the area of the rug located within the borders.  This can sometimes contain an all over pattern or a medallion, which is most often a round, oval, or polygonal design.

These two parts are also important in identifying the rug. The dominant color in the field and border respectively end up in the name of the rug (i.e., IND-01 Red/Gold). Red is the dominant color of the field and gold is the dominant color of the border.

Transitional: Elements of traditional designs used in a modern way make transitional rugs so poplular today. From distinct traditional influences to whimsical florals the definition of transitional is broad.

Contemporary: Geometric, curvilinear, abstract, whatever the design as a style contemporary is unmistakably modern. Be it bold colors with modern designs, textured or tonal solids or even natural materials such as jute, sisal or hemp this category is fun, broad and open to interpretation.

It is easiest to make the rug the first piece of a project or room design as this will help define the color palette and style that the room or project will take on. If this can’t be done it is not problem as picking a rug to fit into a project can also be an easy task, what you’ll need are the dimensions of the room and any furniture pieces, samples of your fabrics, paints woods or anything else that may have color or texture.